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Transit Safety & Security Solutions, Inc., is a minority owned consulting firm specializing in the identification of safety & security risks in order to develop mitigations that will reduce those risks to a practical level.  TSSS, Inc., provides expert services in the public transit industry, while also capable of managing safety & security on construction projects.  Through years of education and even more years of hands on experience leading some of the nation’s most successful safety & security programs within public transit agencies; TSSS, Inc., will deliver proven results that will allow your project to begin revenue service on time.   


Rail Transit Projects

The employees of TSSS, Inc., have been personally responsible for the successful startup of several Rail Transportation Projects ranging in complexity and size but successful nonetheless.  Hands on experience during all stage from the Environmental Impact to Preliminary Engineering to Revenue service, our staff has done it all.  We are very knowledgeable in the practices of the following agencies:


·         Federal Transit Authority

·         Federal Railroad Administration

·         State Safety Oversight

·         Local and Regional Authorities in

o   Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Texas, & Virginia


Bus Transit Projects

The employees of TSSS, Inc., have investigated root causes of incidents in several transit systems.  Incidents ranging from bus fires, tire failure, and operating defiencies; we have been there to solve the problem.  Your agency can rest assured that we will find the problem and assist in its mitigation.

Construction Projects

The employees of TSSS, Inc., have been personally responsible for providing construction safety guidnace, training and inspection services for several non-transit projects.  TSSS, Inc., developed construction safety plans, and implemented them to ensure the safety of the contractors and the public. 



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